Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship

A part of UConn Health, the Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship aims to attract energetic, inquisitive, talented young surgeons devoted to becoming true experts in the field. This includes being a superb clinician, surgeon, and team physician. We strive to attract residents who have already set themselves apart from the routine applicant by being incredible doctors in the office and demonstrating a strong grasp of surgical aptitude and excellence. This sports medicine fellowship is unique because our fellows have four months of dedicated education in pediatric and adolescent sports medicine. It is our intent that we train physicians dedicated to life-long learning and be equipped to contribute to the field of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine.

Family Medicine Sports Medicine Fellowship

The aim of the UConn Health Family Medicine fellowship is to train well-rounded sports medicine physicians who are poised to become leaders in our field. Our focus is to provide fellows with the skills needed to excel as team physicians providing full spectrum medical care for athletes. In addition, fellows must be able to provide high-level care to active patients of all ages and participation levels. We also aim to recruit physicians who have a particular interest in being involved with collegiate athletics and be involved in academics in some capacity. We hope our graduates will be active members in our national organization the American Medical Society of Sports Medicine. Our graduates also need to be considered experts in non-operative musculoskeletal medicine, which includes being skilled at diagnostic sports and ultrasound-guided interventions.